Welcome to our site. Through the Tumbler  was written under the counsel of the Holy Spirit, to comfort the grieving, to encourage the sick, to sit alongside the lonely, to be a light of hope to the oppressed, and to touch the hearts and minds of unbelievers. We are followers of Christ, ordinary people who follow an Almighty God, and who have experienced His amazing love, mercy and power in our lives. Please join us as we continually seek the Lord’s presence (1 Chron 16:11).

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Give the Gift of Today to God
As with many of you, I say my prayers before going to sleep. I'll say The Lord's Prayer, a Hail
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A Heavenly Birthday
This week, my daughter Dawn, would be thirty-six years old. I’ll never know if she would have become the Olympic
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Delight In Defeat – Coach Bennett, When You Were Weak, You Were Strong
Dear Coach Bennett, As a new season approaches, I'm sure you can't help but reflect on how last season ended.
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A Simon Opportunity
This past month, I reconnected with a college friend. Michael and I commuted to Fairfield University and spent what free
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