Today I am grateful to Casting Crowns for so beautifully reflecting the story of my life in their song, Desert Road.

(Please Google – Casting Crowns – Desert Road (Official Audio))

I did not choose the desert road where Gerry, Dawn, Stephen, and Michael’s lives ended so tragically, 34 years ago today. I never wanted “pain to be my story.” When darkness enveloped me, my mustard seed of faith reminded me that I was not alone. The Lord walked with me through pain and sorrow into the light of His saving grace. He led me to oases in the desert that comforted and healed me. He restored my soul. There is no amount of thankfulness that can measure up to God’s mercy for us. My greatest blessing is to share the story of His faithfulness in my life to bring hope to those who find themselves on a desert road.


Gerry Michaud – August 12, 1951 – August 12, 1989

(Happy Heavenly Birthday, Gerry)

Dawn Michaud – November 12, 1980 – August 12, 1989

Stephen Michaud – December 31, 1982 – August 12, 1989

Michael Michaud – February 11, 1986 – August 12, 1989

Gone from our touch, but always in our hearts.

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