Dear Friends,

A couple of you may have wondered why I haven’t been posting, others may know why. My absence began six months ago when our rambunctious two-year-old Rottweiler ran after his almost three-year-old Golden Retriever “nephew” and accidentally proceeded to mow me down. As “Dog” ran up the driveway behind me at breakneck speed, I never saw him coming. Possibly that was a good thing?!

My most serious injury has been to my right arm and elbow which left me unable to use my computer for more than a few minutes at a time! I just finished PT and am doing much better but am still limited in what I can do. So – I am starting back slowly.

This event brought back lessons of my past, which sat back in the recesses of my mind – unused for a while.

Sometimes we forget how important it is that we live in the present. We can wear ourselves out revisiting difficult moments of the past. And focusing on our fears of the future can be debilitating. When we live in the present, God provides us with the strength, energy, courage, and grace to live through whatever today may bring. That is where I have been for the last six months!

If tomorrow proves to be a greater challenge, God will meet us right where we are. His grace comes perfectly timed – each and every day. Be Blessed!

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