It’s every person’s worst nightmare come true…

“It’s every person’s worst nightmare come true… In a moment, Donna lost everything, or so it seemed. But she never lost hold of the One who was holding her. Donna takes us on her journey of healing, intimately sharing her pain and grief as she faced wave after wave of loss. Ultimately this is a story of triumph over tragedy pointing to the all-sufficient love of a Savior who never leaves us in our darkest hour, but carries us through the storms of life…Donna’s story shows the redeeming, restorative and loving heart of God.”


Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Oak Hills Church Outer West, Interpreter for the deaf at Oak Hills Church

Their faith and love were instrumental…

“Donna and John Berger have been close friends to me and my late husband Ed for many years…their faith and love were instrumental in overcoming their situation…typical of how they met their challenges- head on, honestly, and above all, with faith in Jesus Christ. That is the key to everyone’s victory.”


Author, Lecturer, Paranormal Investigator

My heart ached as I learned of your devastating loss…

“My heart ached as I learned of your devastating loss and your long and brave process of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was nodding my head page after page, remembering the roller coaster of emotions of becoming an instant widow back in 1999… Truly, God has given you this story to tell … for His glory, and to give hope to many…[your story] bolstered my faith and reminded me of how good our God is in the worst situations….”


Acquisitions Editor, Bondfire Books

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