Their pain is not forgotten. A Gold Star Tribute:

August is a heart-wrenching month for me and it just got worse this year with the senseless deaths of 11 US Marines, an Army Soldier and a Navy Medic. To our Gold Star families – I am so very sorry for your loss. And I know, there are millions of Americans like me who would do anything to turn back the hands of time and take away your pain. Today, you are probably feeling like someone ripped your heart out of your chest and handed it back to you still beating. 

Your children were daughters, sons, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends whose lives were cut short, and I am sure you are reeling as you try to make sense of it all. My heart breaks for your pain and sorrow. I know well the grief journey you are on and the emotions that you are drowning in.  Each year I mark another anniversary of the deaths of my husband, our daughter and our two young sons who were killed in a senseless car crash. 

No one can grieve for you, but that does not mean you are alone.  Ours is a nation full of people who are grateful for your children and who grieve with you. 

God did not will this tragedy. He is as sad as you are over the tragic loss of His precious children. Today, He is weeping with you. I pray you will not be overcome by your sadness and grief, but that the Lord will wrap you in His comfort and peace. Faith does not take away our pain, but it promises that God is faithful and will take our hand and lead us through it.

Please know that your brave young men and women are forever in our hearts as you are in our prayers. Thank you and may God Bless you always. 

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