2020 marked one of the most trying years of many of our lives. From the unprecedented global pandemic to civil and political unrest to school and business closures, the list goes on and on before we even get to the many who have experienced loss in all these crises.  Unfortunately, it is easy to see examples of how 2021 will be more of the same.  This is why I just wanted to take this space to offer up a prayer for our coming year.


We pray for your blessings on this coming year.

We pray for peace and unity.

We pray that we would see the other not as an opponent or enemy, but as a brother or sister.

We pray for the introspection and self-reflection to recognize our own wrongs, not so that we would be bridled with guilt and shame, but so that we may open the door to your merciful healing, correction, and guidance.

We pray for an end to the pandemic that threatens the lives and health of so many.

We pray for joy.

We pray for a return of the unmasked laughter of children in public places.

We pray for a return of child-like laughter of our own.

We pray for our families, that you would bless us and open our eyes to the blessings we receive from each other every day.

We pray for perseverance.

We pray for trust.

We pray that even if all our prayers are seemingly unmet, we would keep the faith that knows you will make all things right in Your timing and according to Your will.

We pray all of this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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