It’s that time of year when so many of us are busily getting our children off to school, like my neighbors’ son Jake (pictured). Whether it’s nursery school or graduate school, parents dutifully schedule physicals, fill out endless forms, and hit the stores for clothes and supplies. My husband and I were no exception as we spent this past week setting up the apartments where our twins will live during their graduate programs. Exhausted but happy with the results, we headed out for one last family dinner.

Sitting around the table we talked about this exciting new beginning for them, a phase of their lives where they will gather the skills they need to begin their careers. Before dinner, my son asked if I would pray, and I wanted it to be meaningful. I started by thanking the Lord for faith, family, and for so many blessings. I asked Him to continue to bless our children and the school year ahead and to place people and circumstances in their lives that will keep them honorable, hard working, and faithful. Seek first the kingdom of God and He will give you everything you need, I told them.

In the moment, I hadn’t thought to say it, but I wish I had added, “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” (Col 3:23), and do it for the honor and glory of God! I have found that even the most arduous task is made easy when I remind myself that I work not for myself, my family, or those around me, but for the honor and glory of the Lord. Whether it’s scrubbing pots and pans or pulling an all-nighter, when we partner with Christ, our burden is made light.

So as this new school year begins, please join me in prayer today to ask the Lord for our children to be filled with the Spirit to guide their thoughts, words, and actions, and that in all they do, they honor and glorify our God.


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