There is living grace and saving grace, but have you heard of dying grace? Perhaps not, because while you are saved and living, you are not in need of dying grace. Like manna in the desert, God provides us with the portion of grace that we need for each day. The “grace” aisle is never empty. God knows our needs and as they arise, He provides. The moment of our death is no different. God does not want our death to be filled with fear. He is there with outstretched arms providing the dying grace we need to reach our ‘place in heaven’ with the Lord. God wants that face-to-face meeting to be a time of joy and happiness. He pours out dying grace so our final moments will be blessed and give Him glory.

Realistically however, we are human and have questions and even anxiety about dying. Being Christian, does not take away our concerns but it provides the strength we need to overcome them. Today, marks another birthday in heaven for my son, Michael. My precious little boy was a twinkling light on the path of those around him for three short years. He was happy, funny, inquisitive, and exuberant about life. The years have come and gone, but my love for that sweet child never fades.

For years after Michael died, I was overwrought with worry that he was terrified and filled with pain and suffering. Thoughts such as those kept me depressed and mournful. But God is faithful, and He waited patiently for me to accept His saving grace and His living grace. When I was able to do that, I realized that God lovingly poured out dying grace in abundance to fill my little boy with joy as he took his ‘place in heaven.’  

God does not send help before it is needed. But, when we need it His hand is always reaching out. Therefore, we should not fear death. When the time comes, the Lord will pour out dying grace in abundance.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15

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