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One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Donna Diaz says:

    Donna dear-
    I was just thinking today that this week my Stefanie will also be 36 yo and that your Stephen and my Stef were but a week apart. Steve and I were just reminiscing how a few weeks before Stephen was born, you (beautifully pregnant AND very large with baby) and Gerry went to the St. V’s holiday party while we watched Dawn. We had so much fun with her. And, at the time, we were still not parents (and were longingly waiting for a baby). Soon after Stephen was born, we learned the news that our Stefanie was also born and she was going to become part of our “forever” family. It’s amazing to think that all of this happened for you and for us 36 years ago. When I read your post and saw little Stephen’s bright smile, at first it saddened me. But, in reading your wonderful blog, it warmed my heart and made me realize that his spirit as well as the the spirit of Gerry, Dawn, and Michael truly live on through each of us who choose to remember their lives. So I promise that we will remember Gerry and the kids in a special way on New Year’s Eve and will “smile” when we think of them smiling down on us from the heavens above. Love you, dear friend, and love to John, Meredith and Christian. Many blessings in 2019!

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