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5 thoughts on “To the Parents of Otto Warmbier

  1. Kristen Scarola Kirk says:

    This is beautiful and uplifting! Thanks for sharing your words of empathy and encouragement in such an open way so that we can all learn. Prayer and shared faith is a beautiful connection for all of us.

  2. Carolyn says:

    WOW is right! That was a stunning article. I am in awe of the power you draw from the Holy Spirit, Donna, to encourage others and to share in their pain and grief as well as to nudge the reader closer to Our Father’s healing light. To lose a loved one is tragic that may continue to bring waves of pain and emptiness that no words can articulately express to those left living out their journey. It is even more so compounded, if it is a young child or even a young adult. May all of us continue to lean in to Our Dear Lord and Savior for the unending grace, mercy, salvation, comfort, protection and guidance and may He surround us by those refreshers in our lives that can help make taking that one step at a time manageable. xoxo

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