Last Thursday morning before John drove me to the hospital, I sat in our butterfly garden and prayed, 

“Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for the amazing group of prayer warriors that you have placed in my life.” I pray with them this morning Lord, according to your plan and purpose, that my surgery today will go smoothly and that in Your mercy, You will carry me through this trial to recovery so I may give you glory, Lord.” 

Major surgery is never something we look forward to, but I can honestly say I never had a moment of fear through it all. It was not a ‘walk in the park’ – there was severe pain for several days which left me weak and exhausted. But I was buoyed by the prayers of so many and I constantly felt the faithful presence of Jesus with me.

I was blessed with the very best Christian medical providers at every turn. None initiated it, but when I brought the Lord into our conversations, a warm connection was immediate.  When I asked the operating room nurse if I could bring my comfort cross into the OR with me, she said, “of course.” When she then decided it might hurt my hand being tucked by my side for 3 hours, the Nurse Anesthetist immediately offered to place it under my pillow until the surgery was over. She promised to place it back in my hand afterwards, and she did. I was so blessed by the Christian fellowship that surrounded me throughout my entire hospital stay and I truly felt the arms of Christ wrapped around me. 

This experience has convinced me that ‘wearing our faith on our sleeve’ can be a great blessing, not only for ourselves but for those around us. I love the advice of Mother Theresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Let’s not miss the opportunity to share our faith with great love in our everyday encounters.

I am home now and recovering. I move slowly, but no longer need pain meds. My husband, John has been amazing, anticipating my every need. He is so patient and kind no matter how many times I wake him up at night or ask for his help during the day. We pray together and I believe that is the source of our love and commitment to one another and our trust in the Lord.

Whatever you pray for or ask from God, believe that you’ll receive it and you will. Mk 11:24

For those of you who knew of my surgery in advance, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your calls, texts, cards, flowers and most of all for your answered prayers which give proof that we have a sovereign Lord who hears us, loves us and has the greatest of mercy for His children who love Him.

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