There are times of loss, change and transition throughout our lives. What is of critical importance is how we respond in those times. Do we hold white-knuckled onto a past that no longer exists? Do we miserably drag ourselves through the present, and have a dismal view of the future because we are trapped in the prison of the past?

In Luke 17:32-33, Jesus tells us to, “Remember Lot’s wife.” It appears her name may have been Edith. Curious indeed that Jesus wants us to remember Edith. Let’s see if we can understand why.

Jesus was referring to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Evil had overcome the area and judgement was about to be exacted when the Lord sent a warning to Lot and his family. “Escape for your life, do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley.” (Genesis 19:17)

As the family was fleeing, Edith did look back and she immediately was transformed into a pillar of salt.

It wasn’t just that Edith turned to look back. God knows our hearts and minds and He knew that in her heart, Edith didn’t want to leave. She was angry with God for forcing her to leave. She was holding white-knuckled onto a past that she loved but no longer existed. Edith had no faith or trust in God nor any confidence that He would provide for her and her family. Her lack of faith and secret longing for life in Sodom against God’s command, made Edith unworthy of God’s plan for her future.

I know that love and trust doesn’t come easily, and I know there is a loving and faithful God worthy of our trust.  But honestly, God is invisible, and there will be times in our life, particularly when grieving a loss, that we feel He is absent and shout, “where are you, God?” There will be times when we call His love and faithfulness into question. And, while God has a plan for each one of us, that plan often includes hard times and calls for discipline and sacrifice. Jesus never said faith in Him would be easy, but when we choose to wrap our head and heart around Him, our life is transformed here on earth and for all eternity.

So, when you are tossed into uncharted waters, and you find yourself saying, “where’s the boat to turn back, how can the future be better than what I have now?” And, “How do I trust there is a God who has my back?” Remember Lot’s wife. God’s plan unfolds when we have faith in Him and trust Him with our life. Faith builds on the past but seeks the future. Faith trusts that God’s plan for us is immeasurably greater than all we ask for or imagine. (Eph. 3:20) And that’s good news.

There are great things in store for each of us. Don’t look back, don’t stop in the valley, make that leap of faith into abundant blessings on this earth and for all eternity.

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