We must “…open our mouth and speak to His glory,” Louie Giglio recently said in a sermon.

Times are tough. We all need encouragement and inspiration to get through these days. If you have been saved by God’s grace through your faith, won’t you multiply that grace by sharing it with others? God does not want us to bury our faith under a rock where it will wither and die.

God wants us to build His kingdom here on earth by witnessing to His goodness and mercy. In Mark 16:15, Jesus said to His disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” The great reward in sharing our faith is that we lift up others and ourselves at the same time.

Each day, the Lord provides us with endless opportunities to give Him glory by sharing the good news of salvation in Christ. The Lord loves our morning prayer to give us the wisdom to recognize the opportunity He sets before us, and the courage to meet it.

There are endless possibilities even in our present Covid circumstance. There are co-workers, grocery store clerks, mailpersons, the Amazon delivery folks, people we speak with on the phone, the team member at DD getting your coffee, and all sorts of service people like your restaurant server, plumber, electrician, painter – you name it. We are all going through many of the same trials and we all have fears and concerns.

Why not take the time to smile and say, “How’s it going?” “Thank you.” “Have a blessed day!” You will be surprised at the responses you will receive. When time permits, a longer conversation may allow you to reinforce the trust we have in God or plant the seed of faith.

So be blessed today, open your mouth and speak to God’s glory!

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